Proudly providing hassle free service in Northern Virginia!

All our inspectors are NRPP-Certified Radon Measurement Providers and have full Sentrilock access.

Available for real estate transactions and homeowner testing.

Family owned

and operated!

Our hassle free service timeline:

Book online providing your address, contact information and radon inspection deadline.

One of our NRPP Certified Radon Measurement Providers will send a confirmation email with our service contract, your scheduled test date and payment information.

Radon measurement testing takes 48 hours. A continuous radon monitoring device will be placed discreetly on the lowest living level of the home. In order to ensure accurate results you must keep your house in a "closed home condition":

  • Windows closed

  • Doors only opened for regular ingress/egress

  • No fireplace/wood stove usage unless it is the main heat source

  • Central A/C set to auto mode, meaning the fan cannot be running continuously

  • No continual running of cooking or bathroom exhaust fans

  • No ceiling fans, dehumidifiers or air purifiers within 20 feet of the monitoring device


Results will be provided within 24 hours of the device pickup, upon completed payment.

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